26. May 2021

Interview with Peter Bílik

Mr. Peter Bílik is Smart Industry solution designer in ANASOFT where he currently works at Smart Industry division with over two decades of experience. The division’s primary focus entails digital transformation, process optimization, intelligent automation, and autonomization in manufacturing management, warehouse, inventory and supply management, quality control, and maintenance management. Mr. Bílik is the idea maker of Smart Industry solution EMANS, intelligent operations management system, designed upon the principles and technologies of Industry 4.0 and the smart factory concept including the Internet of Things (IoT), Internet of Services (IoS), Intelligent Digital Twin, Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). ANASOFT has also many great achievements such as winning awards for innovation (LOG-IN Award: Project Innovation of the Year, Schnellecke Innovation Award, Porsche Supplier Award).

1. Automatization in logistic and automated warehouse systems became a reality thanks to companies like ANASOFT. Can you tell us how ANASOFT helps businesses streamline their processes to be more effective?
Our Smart Industry Division has been working in the field of logistics and manufacturing digitalization and automation for over 17 years. We have been helping businesses on their journey to digital transformation and intelligent automation since then. Many innovative solutions have been developed and implemented across a variety of industries and companies in order to meet their business challenges by our department. This led us to develop our very own smart industry platform EMANS which includes an array of modules for supply chain and manufacturing management enabling businesses to achieve concepts of digital enterprise and smart factory.
We have a team of experienced and dedicated professionals helping businesses throughout the whole process of transitioning towards the new concept of intelligent and real-time operation and process management. It starts with a detailed analysis of the current situation and propositions how to kickstart the digital transformation or suggesting relevant solutions for intelligent automation for the early stages, preparation and implementation of solutions tailored to their business strategy, operational model, company vision, and goals it wants to achieve up to post-implementation support and further development to reach next stages of the smart logistics or intelligent operations management.
2. ANASOFT excels in creating software solutions and technological innovations that support the digital transformation of companies. What are the main features and advantages of the ANASOFT platform?
Our Smart Industry platform EMANS for intelligent logistics and supply chain management has been designed to be modular and dynamically scalable. That means that a business does not need to invest in a large all-encompassing innovation project right away but can start with smaller projects or a solution and then proceed to scale-up functionalities based on its development strategy or vision.
Basically, a business can implement for example our WES (Warehouse Execution System) module to automate and improve the performance of its warehouse and inventory management and at a later stage, the company can proceed to automate intralogistics, assembly line feeding, outbound logistics or whatever processes it considers necessary to automate next in order to meet its goals.
Naturally, our platform has all the necessary capabilities for businesses to meet their challenges including smooth integrability to either ERPs and whatever handling, transport, or manufacturing equipment the business is utilizing. That means that our platform can transform originally a legacy (non-IoT) equipment (or non-smart machinery) into a fully functioning IoT device.
EMANS prevents unexpected downtimes or an occurrence of mishaps in logistics management without compromising the agility of real-time operations management. It is important to mention the technology behind our Smart Industry solution which is IoT, the digital twin technology, Big Data, and AI.
Given the fact that the platform has a decentralized architecture and is modular, it can cater to each specific demand of a business or enterprise including warehouse management system (WMS) and warehouse execution system (WES), Milk Run 4.0, e-Kanban, Just in Time and Just in Sequence operational strategy, e-commerce and omnichannel logistics, shop floor management, manufacturing logistics, manufacturing execution system (MES) and manufacturing operations management (MOM), labour management, inventory and order management and other functionalities within the realm of supply chain management.
3. Dedoles company has become a big hit in the past year or so, and I am not only referring to their catchy song. Among other things, they are booming thanks to the implementation of intelligent logistics. The core of Dedoles’ digital ecosystem has become the Smart Industry logistics process management module of the EMANS platform from ANASOFT.  Please tell us more about this project.
Dedoles belongs among the fastest-growing central European e-commerce companies. They were preparing for a massive international expansion and found it necessary to streamline, optimize and automate warehousing and order-fulfilment logistics. Such an approach required extending the company´s core digital ecosystem to include inventory and warehousing processes through intelligent and agile logistics solution.
That means optimizing and automating logistics operation management in order to ensure high performance for their multi-channel logistics while servicing 20 European countries. This is the point that ANASOFT came into the picture with Smart Industry platform EMANS which could dynamically respond to all customer requirements at all markets simultaneously.
It is crucial to note that the solution is not a standardized WMS system but an advanced solution for inventory, warehouse, and order management automation – a WES (Warehouse Execution System) solution that is adapted and calibrated to unique features and parameters of Dedoles´ warehouse and their customers´ shopping patterns across all the markets. Dedoles´ logistics demonstrates how new retail (or fourth-generation retail) looks like combining hybrid strategies (retail, wholesale, pop-up kiosks, pick & collect, etc.) while maintaining high order-fulfilment performance.
4. Digital transformation and automation of the transport and logistics sector are expanding. That, however, means that it has become an easy target for cybercrime. How is ANASOFT ensuring data integrity?
ANASOFT ensures data integrity on several levels since it is important to secure each data entity during its entire “life cycle”. At the application level, data is usually created or modified, the integrity of the data must be ensured in the code. At the network level, it is necessary to secure data during transmission, and when storing data, we use the capabilities of utilized database servers. It´s the same with data protection against unauthorized access where we combine protection at different levels.
5. What is your opinion about positioning WOF EXPO in the Central and Eastern Europe region?
Dedoles is not a rare exception. Many more businesses are transcending the domestic borders and even venturing beyond Visegrad territory. And there are much more companies that are engaging in re-invention of their operational models and constant innovation with great results. That makes the CEE region full of untapped potential which WOF EXPO can help put forth.

ANASOFT creates software solutions and technological innovations that support the digital transformation of businesses. Since the company’s establishment in 1991, it has helped its customers succeed on their way to the future. Its portfolio includes solutions for intelligent manufacturing and logistics management systems (EMANS, VIATUS); digitization of paper processes, including a digital signature application (SIGNATUS); comprehensive enterprise information systems (FINUS); and property management systems (DOMUS).