Green deal
7. July 2021

Kuehne+Nagel reduces carbon footprint by 70% for Honda Automotive in China

With the vision of a greener future, Kuehne+Nagel is strongly focusing on reducing carbon emissions. The company started addressing the CO2 reduction in transport and logistics services in 2019 when they announced the net-zero carbon programme. In addition, Kuehne+Nagel started offering solutions to support customers in reducing their carbon footprint in 2020.

Recently company announced new programme: the road-to-rail programme with Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda. The programme increasingly relies on train transport on long haul routes, coupled with the use of regional hubs for improved supply chain performance and reduced carbon emissions.

The result? Thanks to this initiative, the supply chain reliability improved remarkably already after 6 months. Approximately 16,000 fewer tonnes of CO2 will be emitted on a yearly basis, a reduction of 70 percent compared to the trucking model.

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