16. July 2021

Interview with Dr. Zvi Schreiber

Dr. Zvi Schreiber (pronounced “tsvee shryber”) is the Founder and CEO of Freightos. Freightos is the digital platform of the international freight industry, connecting carriers, forwarders, and shippers digitally, for air and ocean pricing and booking, and offering a public marketplace for spot shipments at Freightos is pioneering Digital Air Cargo (DAC) with more than 30% of the world air cargo market already on the WebCargo by Freightos platform. Previously Zvi was CEO of Lightech (acquired by GE), and Founder & CEO of Unicorn (acquired by IBM) and other tech startups. Dr. Zvi has spoken widely and written many articles and patents. He has a PhD in computer science and is author of Fizz which tells the history of physics as a novel.

Freightos powers international freight comparison and booking. Powering smooth shipping with the world’s online freight marketplace, paired with powerful digital freight sales tools and management for over 8,000 companies. Freightos™ is the leading sales automation platform for the logistics industry. FREIGHT THAT JUST WORKS.