19. July 2021

Interview with Petra Matejíčková

Ms. Petra Matejíčková is the head of HR department of the innovative-logistics-technological company Packeta Slovakia, which received the award Most Attractive Employer in the Field of Transport and Logistics in 2020. The aim is to make Packeta Slovakia an attractive and preferred employer on the Slovak market and to create a stable working environment for employees with the possibility of self-realization, career growth and personal development.

1.Packeta Slovakia has recently won the title of “Best Employer 2020” in the category Logistics and Transport, organised by What is your secret to maintain a strong company culture and ensure, that your employees are happy and content?
The secret of our employees’ satisfaction is based on several basic values. The first is an advanced company culture and environment that we offer to our employees. We actively support our employees in self-realization and career growth. Creating an environment where an employee do not just come to work, but rather love the brand (lovebrand) is the basis of success. People are generally attracted to find work in a company that thrives and grows significantly every year. They do realize they will gain a lot of valuable experience in a short period of time and this can be the first step in starting their future career.
The second value is open and transparent communication. From my own personal experience I do know that this aspect is often underestimated in companies. The basis is a correct and functionally set flow of information. However, it’s a long-distance run. We are constantly working on this, improving and optimizing individual processes.
The third value and a necessary part of building a “lovebrand“ is to show a real interest in employees. We regularly evaluate their feedback, opinions, and attitudes. We want our employees to be actively involved within the company. Their activity is subsequently reflected in the growth of their satisfaction. They know exactly what their value is in our company, what their competencies are, or how they participate in achieving company goals.
2.Building a “HR Lovebrand” must be really exciting. What is the growth per year when it comes to HR department and the amount of employees?
As I previously mentioned, building a love brand is the key to success. It is certainly not a simple process. We are constantly learning, testing, and improving. Therefore, we appreciate our success in the Best Employer ranking even more. This poll is voted not only by our employees but also by the general public. I perceive this as a mirror of the fact that our daily work is gradually bearing fruit, and people who do not work here perceive Packeta Sovakia positively too.
The number of employees in Packeta Slovakia increases by 100% each year. We had 60 employees at the start of 2018 and there was a total of 295 employees at the end of 2020. The number of employees has increased fivefold in the last three years. New colleagues were added both in our depots and in the company’s headquarters. The HR department itself is also growing. When I started working here three years ago, I was the only employee of the HR department. Today, I have 4 colleagues and this number is not definitive, as we are constantly expanding. It is important to prepare the HR department for the future growth of the company in advance. It is crucial to fill the headcount and pay full attention to employee satisfaction at the same time.
3.Digitalisation and the implementation of innovations are indeed at an all-time high. What solutions have you implemented in order to ensure smooth and efficient services not only to your clients but also to your drivers?
We are convinced that if we want to thrive in the future, it will not be possible without innovation. The pandemic has only proved us right. We are open to innovations and modern technologies that make it easier for our customers to use our services, and that helps us to speed up the delivery process. We have heavily invested in our cloud solution, IT department as well as mobile application.
A great asset is also our own system. We do not use expensive third-party software. We have our own programmers who can respond very flexibly to requests when changing processes. Our employees as well as couriers use our application to speed up and simplify work. We want to automate our depots again this year and so to increase our flexibility even more.
4.In a nutshell, could you please describe your core business, as it is no secret that you are not only a parcel delivery company but a technological-logistics platform for e-shops?
Packeta Slovakia was established as an innovative technological – logistics platform that wants to change the market with the delivery of packages. Our entire business operates on a single technology platform for all our e-commerce customers in Slovakia as well as abroad. Through this system, we deliver quickly and reliably to 33 countries around the world, including countries such as Russia and the USA. Extension to other countries does not require additional technical interventions.
If any e-shop of these countries wants to sell, all you have to do is connect to our system. The connection itself is universal and very simple. The e-shop will receive our comprehensive services via this system. The entrepreneur does not have to deal with demanding system integrations and their synchronization. We save them time as well as money.
5.What is your opinion about positioning WOF EXPO in the Central and Eastern Europe region?
There is a large number of innovative companies as well as skilled experts with huge potential from various fields of industry in the Central and Eastern Europe region. Therefore, we do appreciate the location choice of WOF EXPO – in the heart of Europe. We are convinced that everyone will appreciate the added value of this project.

Packeta Slovakia is a technological and logistics platform, which was founded in 2010 and since then has a wide network of pickup points in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania. It connects online stores with retail stone and the global market with the local market at the same time. Its comprehensive delivery solutions use more than 30,000 e-shops, which ensure low-cost and efficient delivery of goods to their customers in more than 30 countries around the world. At the same time, it offers customers the freedom and comfort of picking up shipments at their chosen delivery point at the time that suits them the best. Currently, Packeta already has more than 6,500 pickup points, of which more than 1,200 are in Slovakia alone, and more are constantly being added. All pickup points of Packeta are operated in the form of a franchise. The franchise is designed as a platform for small regional entrepreneurs. Packeta also delivers to the address of the recipients, the so-called home delivery. Packeta Group is the parent company to which „Packeta Slovakia“ franchise belongs, whether in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, or Germany. Packeta Group is headquartered in the Czech Republic.