13. August 2021


Over the past several decades, women have made steady, if slow, advances in the logistics and supply chain sector. Women in logistics can be a rare find…

Let´s appreciate the valuable change of perspective they are bringing into the field!

WOF Expo prepared a dedicated panel discussion to showcase women helping to change the face of the industry with everything from initiatives that foster growth to environmental policies and even mentorship.

We are talking about women that are at the forefront of the change and are succeeding at the top levels within their companies due to a strong work ethic, a passion for supply chain and logistics, and the ability to be comfortable as one of a few—sometimes the only—women in the room.

  • Let´s Connect – your ultimate networking opportunity
  • Let´s Engage – giving voice for women working in logistics to address, from a female perspective, key challenges 
  • Let´s Inspire – female talents within the sector will share their success stories


Success stories by women in logistics

Lead speaker: Zulf Hyatt-Khan | Council of Slovak Exporters

Simona Kijonková | Packeta Group
Dragana Lipovac | Hubbig Speaker
Michaela Svrčková | Mediterranean Shipping Company Speaker
Simona Franková | NG Aviation

B2B event not to be missed! Plan to arrive early, enjoy the exhibition to its fullest, and join us for the conference program – LIMITED SEATS ONLY! 

Interview with Zulf Hyatt-Khan

Mr. Zulf Hyatt-Khan is Special Advisor to the Council Of Slovak Exporters, whereby he acts a strategic link to its members with aspirations to expand in the MENA region where he spent over a decade…

Interview with DRAGANA LIPOVAC

Mrs. Dragana Lipovac is CEO and Founder at HUBBIG. She is an experienced Sales Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Skilled in Marketing Management…

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We can’t wait to see you at the WOF EXPO 2021!