10. September 2021

Interview with Zulf Hyatt-Khan

Mr. Zulf Hyatt-Khan is Special Advisor to the Council Of Slovak Exporters, whereby he acts a strategic link to its members with aspirations to expand in the MENA region where he spent over a decade or so working with/for/closely with various Government/Private Sector Institutions in various leadership roles specializing in negotiating large scale contracts and commercializing assets. With over 20 years’ experience and having lived and worked in multiple different countries; Zulf brings a culturally nuanced approach to global business practices which is what drew him to the CSE and its ambition to change the way export is prioritized in Slovakia.

Council of Slovak Exporters is an association of private entities. At the beginning of April 2020, when the Covid-19 related crisis culminated, a newly emerged Export Support Initiative called for Slovak exporters to unite. In two months, this Initiative was supported by more than 130 companies. This demand led to establishing Council of Slovak Exporters, which is a business platform that is open to all Slovak businesses which either export or have an ambition to access foreign markets. The aim is to connect exporters and facilitate dialogue with state institutions, international organizations and financial institutions, including banks, insurers etc.