Air Cargo
16. November 2021

Airline Industry In Pursuit of Net-Zero

On Saturday 23 October, Etihad Airways operated its most sustainable flight ever, leveraging efficiencies developed over the last two years of its comprehensive sustainability programme to reduce carbon emissions (CO2) by 72% in absolute terms compared to the equivalent flight operated in 2019.

The London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi flight is part of the Etihad Greenliner Programme – Used a combination of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and operational efficiencies to cut CO2 emissions by 39,000kg and fuel burn by 1,800kg.

The Abu Dhabi-based airline and the US planemaker used Etihad’s Boeing 787 fleet as a test bed for sustainability improvements in partnership with organisations across the industry. It required a huge collaboration indeed across the aviation ecosystem to deliver a sustainable in-flight.

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Photo: pixabay .com