Air Cargo
9. December 2021

DRONAMICS to unveil the Black Swan UAV

A brand new type of cargo-carrying unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was unveiled. Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder and CEO and Konstantin Rangelov, Co-Founder & CTO, Bulgaria-based DRONAMICS introduced the Black Swan. It can carry up to 350 kg for up to 2,500 km at up to 50 percent lower cost than any aircraft!

The Black Swan will enable DRONAMICS to serve customers in even the smallest and most remote communities.

 “The unveiling of the Black Swan represents a critical milestone in the company’s mission to enable same-day shipping for everyone, everywhere,” Svilen Rangelov, Co-Founder said. “The years of hard work is paying off and as soon as we’re done with our extensive test program and obtain certification in 2022, we are going to begin commercial operations, serving customers in Europe and beyond years ahead of everyone else.”

After 6 years of being in development, Black Swan launch was held at the Sofia Airport in Bulgaria on the 7th of December. DRONAMICS expects to operate 60 Black Swans by the end of 2022 to provide the critical missing “middle mile” in air freight, which was added in the official statement.

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Photo: pixabay .com