31. January 2022

Interview with Nikodem Dzik

Mr Nikodem Dzik is a passionate logistician with an entrepreneurial mindset with over 15 years of international experience in logistics generated in various countries in Europe and Asia and with over 10 years of experience in International Sales, previously Head of Vertical High Tech & Electronics at cargo-partner for Europe. Nikodem is now Head of Sales at Storebox, one of the fastest-growing technology companies and franchise systems in Europe, tackling the problems of urbanization and the struggles of the last mile logistics. In addition, Nikodem is a digital expert and innovative nerd and as the founder of Digital Fox, he supports companies with the method of the right technology in the right combination of personal experience in sales, which can make a significant contribution to increasing individual sales performance.

1. What is it about the company‘s solutions that make Storebox special in the market and does keep the business one step ahead of its competitors?
The promise we deliver to our customers and partners is the one thing which has made our offer unique. We have built a large network of logistics hubs across the German-speaking markets, and are now expanding to BENELUX, where we can offer an array of services from business storage to full Click & Collect services including transportation.
One unique feature of our company and service is the flexibility and adaptability we offer, as we are able to efficiently customize and craft new services to fit the needs of the client.

2. Technology development and digitalization play an essential role in the successful expansion of business. What solutions have you implemented in order to optimise your processes?
I can only agree that enabling technologies play a key role in servicing the markets at a scale.
We have implemented new technical solutions that allow our entire network of locations to be connected in real-time with e-commerce and web applications. These solutions are currently expanding to more geographical areas, and support us in our quest to craft better services considering future technologies, markets and ecosystems.

3. And does Storebox help to make sure the whole process is smooth and efficient when it comes to the support provided to your customers?
As we move forward with creating core services to support businesses in their logistics efforts, we are looking at the added value we generate for entire industries and businesses.
We procure to fulfil the entire process of integral services such as order to the delivery process, whereby our Storeboxes function as Click & Collect locations and we provide the fulfilment service all the way to the storage and collection of goods by end consumers. Hence, the ease and convenience of our solution. We take the full process on our side and our partners and clients can then focus on other impactful activities and further grow their business.

4. Reduction of carbon footprint, electromobility and digitalization are undoubtedly hot topics in connection with the EU Green Deal. How does Storebox participate in the green approach?
We, as a company, have several initiatives in place to reduce our carbon footprint. We have just been awarded this year with a certificate on CO2 neutrality and are ready to further reduce emissions beyond 2022.
The development of our hubs in largely urbanized areas is the major effort towards becoming a green company. We believe that micro logistics hubs have the potential to provide an environment that’s almost free of congested motorized traffic, as the use of other more green local transportation means such as cargo e-bikes and battery run small vehicles can provide the logistics solutions required.
We are active supporters of smart cities and work closely with institutions that also look forward to a more sustainable economy through technology and innovation in Europe.

5. What do you think about positioning WOF Expo in Central and Eastern Europe?
Compared to other regions in Europe, the CEE region is very diverse in a wide variety of aspects, in terms of technology, trends, challenges for logistics and general logistics infrastructure as well as workforce and digitization. Measured in terms of GDP, many countries in the CEE region are among the fastest-growing in Europe. The WOF Expo is a perfect platform for exchanging ideas with experts across the whole region.

Storebox is the first fully digitized self-storage solution in Europe. The entire process from compartment selection to booking is handled online via the website and via a mobile application. This allows immediate access to the storage compartment right after booking – easily also in the evenings or weekends. Thanks to the innovative access system, the Storebox can be accessed around the clock. Smart sensors measure temperature, humidity and access activity in real time. The Storebox is video-monitored and the stored items are insured. We also distribute our self-storage solution as a franchise system. As a franchise partner, you benefit from a proven concept and an established brand. Low investment costs, rapid amortization and agile scaling options make Storebox’s proven advantage trio.