Freight forwarding
25. April 2022

Interview with Dmitriy Ioffe

Mr Dmitriy Ioffe, Chief Commercial Officer, ECU Worldwide, has rich experience in the logistics and supply chain industry and is skilled in ocean transportation, freight forwarding, air freight, and transportation management. His 25 year career in logistics industry took him in various places in US (Chicago, New York, Charlotte) and Asia (Singapore).
He is a sales professional par excellence and adept at building a sales organization focused on business and sales acceleration with customer-centricity and focus on leveraging digital tools and technology. 
His has previously worked in senior commercial roles at companies like Vanguard Logistics and Shipco Transport and has a B.B.A. Marketing in International Marketing from University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – School of Business Administration and BBS in Education from Belorussian Institute of Physical Culture.  

1. How does ECU Worldwide bolster global business supply chains?
We help businesses broaden horizons with international supply chain solutions that cover LCL, neutral FCL, international air freight and several value-added services like CFS, e-commerce, warehousing, trucking, DG (Dangerous Goods) handling, etc. With a network operating in 180 countries and door-to-door deliveries in over 50 markets, we create a competitive advantage for businesses that seek to expand into untapped markets and explore new territories. 

2. How have global circumstances impacted the business?
Global containerized logistics has been in a state of constant flux over the past few months and years. Port congestions have led to delays and disruptions, and the carrier’s schedule integrity of the low 30% has added a previously unseen challenge. With our vast network, we have been able to create synergies and coordinate with offices at origin and destination ends to plan routes and schedules that minimize the impact to our customers’ cargo. Our long-standing associations with core carriers have also helped us address space and capacity challenges more effectively. In the latest global data, our group positioned as #18 in the world in FCL TEU moved, which provides us with a unique ability to leverage global volumes for local benefits. We’ve invested in the new highly dependent express services such as XLERATE and China-Europe rail to add time-define service options for our clients. When you are a global player, there is no saying how any incident may impact the business; but having a robust business continuity plan in place helps us do whatever it takes to keep business going and cargo moving.

3. How do you foresee freight movements of the future?
The future of freight is going to be driven by end-to-end visibility, resilient and flexible supply chains, and enhanced efficiency. All of which, will be driven by digitalization and technology. Considering the vast amounts of data generated at every step of the logistics ecosystem, there is great value in mining it for actionable insights. Not only can this strategically optimize freight movements, but also help identify customer needs much better. Considering how customer expectations are being shaped by quick, convenient apps for multiple requirements, it is no longer a choice, but a need to bring in the same ease and convenience into shipping. The future of freight is digital and players that emerge winners will be those who can create the right balance between their physical presence and digital intelligence.

4. What makes ECU Worldwide a preferred partner for global cargo movements?
There are many factors that collectively make ECU Worldwide a trusted partner for customers around the world and undisputed market leader in the LCL sector. First and foremost, it is our expertise and business understanding developed over the years, backed by a customer-centric approach to always delight our customers. Even before digitalization became a buzzword of sorts, we took it upon ourselves to be digital-first and developed ECU360, a state-of-the-art global logistics platform. Today, it benefits our customers the world over, with instant quotes, quick bookings, door-to-door deliveries, and the connectivity to conduct business 24×7, in just a few clicks. With secure API/EDI support, our freight forwarding partners also benefit from access to relevant information and analytics at one go. As we are evolving in our digital journey; we also focus on environmental responsibility. As a group we are heavily involved in re-forestation efforts; but also are offering carbon-offset options for our core activities It is no surprise then, that businesses from diverse sectors rely on us for international supply chain solutions.       

5. What would be your top three tips for businesses in the shipping and logistics sector?
The only way to continue to be relevant to the industry and customers, is to evolve and adapt. You have got to constantly align with the marketplace and its changing needs. We did that by introducing XLERATE, our sea-air combined service from China to USA and further to LATAM and Europe. It was very well-received. It is important to be innovative and think out of the box, whether it is while introducing a new product or service or planning internal processes, systems and operations. Build your business model based on the transparency, visibility, data support, and social responsibility. With new emerging dominating verticals such as e-commerce, supported by generational changes in the workforce; there are new focus and demand to migrate business to be data driven. Don’t forget to incorporate social responsibility and environmental plan in your path; after all this planet is our one and only home! And lastly, I would say listen and learn. Listen to your teams, your customers, all your stakeholders and always have an open mind to learn – not just from peers, associates and the industry, but from anyone who is excelling and winning at what they do!

ECU Worldwide is the global leader in LCL consolidation enabling seamless global cargo movements across 180 countries with door-to-door deliveries in more than 50 markets. Being a neutral NVOCC, the organization also offers optimized FCL transportation through multiple carriers as well as international air freight along with charters and special project cargo, backed by the expertise to handle customs, compliance and documentation support. Its value-added services such as CFS, e-commerce, warehousing, trucking, DG (Dangerous Goods) handling, etc. add to the ease and convenience of customers. ECU Worldwide creates unique synergies with offices at origin and destination countries, port pair offerings in collaboration with core carriers, teams of expert professionals and a focus on customer centricity, backed by the convenience of digital technology. Its state-of-the-art digital logistics platform, ECU360, lets customers ship with just a click and simplifies shipping with a host of features – 24×7 instant quotes, convenient bookings, real-time sailing schedules, easy cargo tracking, dashboards and analytics, secure API/EDI integration – to name just a few. ECU Worldwide is also set apart by its value-driven approach and constant endeavour to adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and commitment to the good of the environment and community.