Shipping lines
12. July 2022

MSC Acquires Sole Ownership of Two Le Havre Terminals for Expansion

MSC will be undertaking a major investment at the Port of Le Havre, France over the next six years. The aim is to expand the container handling capabilities of two of the port’s terminals with the goal of making the port a gateway to North-West Europe. The expansion effort, which is aligned with MSC’s fleet expansion, comes as many of northern Europe’s ports are experiencing record congestion and backlogs and struggling to accommodate future growth.

“The ambitious modernization plans are the result of a historic agreement between the Dockers Workers’ Union of the Port of Le Havre CGT, TiL, and the TPO/TNMSC terminals,” said HAROPA PORT which manages the French port. Le Havre is the tenth largest port in Europe and with both Rotterdam and Antwerp running out of yard capacity and reporting backlogs the expansion is well-timed to support MSC’s future growth.

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