Green deal
12. September 2022

Lufthansa Cargo is the world's first cargo airline to use more environmentally friendly plastic film for transportation

Innovative and particularly thin plastic film with ten percent recycled material in use worldwide as of mid-September
Freight airline relies on holistic strategy for handling plastic as a valuable material to reduce consumption

Each year, Lufthansa Cargo needs about 500 tons of plastic film worldwide to protect its freight during transport. As part of its sustainability strategy, the company has been working for many years to reduce the need for plastic and to establish the most environmentally friendly handling possible at its approximately 300 stations around the globe. Starting in mid-September, Lufthansa Cargo will be the first cargo airline to use a new type of film that consists of ten percent recycled plastic and is also one micrometer (one µ) thinner than previous films. This means that about two kilograms less film is needed on each cargo flight.

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