Green deal
20. September 2022

Volvo Trucks, IKEA and Raben Group join forces to accelerate zero emission transport

Volvo Trucks, IKEA Industry and the Raben Group have signed a collaboration agreement on zero-emission heavy transport. IKEA will introduce heavy electric Volvo trucks for internal transport flows at two of its factories in Zbąszynek in Poland, which will be operated by the Raben Group. Lessons from the pilot will be used for the electrification of transport operations at scale in a larger transport network.

IKEA is a large transport buyer with more than two million shipments worldwide per year. To reach its strategic climate goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions for product transport by -70% per shipment*, electrification of heavy-duty vehicles is critical. Electrification of transport is one of the solutions to address the root cause of climate change.

Now IKEA Industry, Volvo Trucks and the Raben Group, have joined forces in Poland to deploy zero-emission Volvo FM Electric trucks. The vehicles will be used to handle the internal flow of goods between two IKEA Industry factories located 14 kilometres apart in Zbąszynek and Babimost in western Poland.

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