22. November 2022

DCT Gdansk renamed to „Baltic Hub“

The largest and fastest-expanding container complex in the Baltic Sea region, DCT Gdansk, now goes by the name “Baltic Hub.” Two weeks after celebrating its 15th anniversary, the terminal operator informed its workforce of a name change that better reflects its goals to become THE center for the area, both by land and by sea. Baltic Hub will rank among the biggest hubs for container terminals in Europe.
A real “Baltic Hub” with two deepsea quays that processed more than 2.09 million TEUs in 2021, the terminal operator has witnessed exponential growth since its inauguration 15 years ago. Originally, it had just one deep-water quay with a capacity of 500,000 TEUs. Currently, Baltic Hub has 1,300 meters of quay, 14 Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes, and a 2.7 million TEU yearly capacity.
Baltic Hub has also developed as a transportation hub for countries in Central and Eastern Europe, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Germany. This is the consequence of ongoing investments over time, which will soon increase its rail capacity from its current level of 750,000 TEU to more than one million TEUs.

Third deepsea terminal in the EU

The hub at the terminal is still growing. The third deepwater terminal, known as T3, will soon begin construction at Baltic Hub, making it one of the biggest container hubs in Europe and able to accommodate the newest generation of containerships entering the Baltic Sea. Baltic Hub will be able to support and assist the economies of the Baltic states, Central and Eastern Europe, and Poland with the addition of this new terminal. The investment also provides a boost to attract new services and shipping alliances while also significantly enhancing the service portfolio offered to Baltic Hub customers. 

The deep-water dock for the T3 project, which is expected to be finished in 2025, will be 717 meters long, 17.5 meters deep, and have a yard area of 36.5 hectares. Additionally, the investment will go toward the purchase of 20 semi-automated Rail Mounted Gantry (RMG) cranes for the container yard in addition to seven new quay cranes that can handle the largest ships in the world. 

Charles Baker, CEO of Baltic Hub, revealed his company’s success strategy.“It’s a result of our excellent location, with good sea access and no tidal restrictions, but also our excellent operational capabilities and the support and investments in infrastructure by the Polish government.”

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Baltic Hub – DCT Gdansk

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