Freight forwarding
23. November 2022

Innofreight strives to have the safest rail freight fleet in Europe

Nexxiot has been chosen by Innofreight, an innovative and award-winning European rail transportation company, to finish digitizing its entire fleet of railcars. The business, which just relocated to a new office in Bruck a der Mur, Austria, collaborates closely with its clients and the larger industry to create containers, railcars, and unloading technologies to continuously enhance rail freight transfers. For maximum capacity across Europe, to advance ecological development, and to assist the switch from the road to the rail, Innofreight is dedicated to the highest professional standards, innovation, and flexible solutions.
Innofreight will continue with a further deployment to complete the digitalization of the entire fleet after already installing Nexxiot’s Asset Intelligence technology on more than 1,000 of its railcars. Isabella Legat, CEO of Innofreight, remarked “The company operates in over 20 countries and handles over two million container unloadings every year. With a railcar fleet of 2,700 and 23,000 containers in use, the adoption of the newest digital strategies is invaluable to our clients and partners, especially where safety is concerned. Here there can be no compromise.”

T.V. Gredelj, a manufacturer in Croatia that is a member of the Tatravagónka family and has more than 125 years of tradition and experience in the design, production, reconstruction, modernization, and maintenance of all sorts of railway vehicles, will be producing the new railcars. These will all be equipped with Nexxiot’s market-leading Globehopper connection gateway, along with the current fleet.

In order to minimize CO2 emissions, Innofreight runs 230 block trains every day across Europe. It also works to develop modular services that can be combined to increase capacity, efficiency, and flexibility. Nexxiot CEO, Stefan Kalmund commented, “We endorse Innofreight’s stance on innovation and fully support the impressive vision for a more efficient and ecological transport network.

Legat further comments,  “The Innofreight culture is to drive for ongoing development. Through the intelligent use of data, the information we collect using Nexxiot’s technology fosters transparency, improved effectiveness, and enhanced productivity. To provide our clients with the most advantages, we constantly look for the optimal strategic and cultural match. Around this time last year, we started our partnership with Nexxiot. Since then, we have learned from our mistakes and realized that we can set new standards for our customers throughout Europe in terms of safety, maintenance effectiveness, and customer service. As we continue to optimize rail freight shipments, Nexxiot’s solutions will be used to grow both our business and our services in accordance with our quality and security standards.

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