28. November 2022

Interview with Raghav Viswanathan

Mr. Raghav Viswanathan is the Founder & CEO at Freightify. After successful stints in organizations like DHL, Panalpina and Vodafone, Raghav decided to combine two of his main expertise in technology and logistics to solve complex challenges in freight forwarding.
Freightify is a Logtech SAAS company aimed at enabling digital transformation of Freight forwarders and was founded in 2017. This is the fourth product Raghav has built in the logistics industry.
Freightify raised venture capital from several investors who shared the vision and believed in the product and company’s potential to turn this vision into reality. Under the supervision of Mr. Viswanathan , Freightify has scaled up to a team of 200+ and has a suite of products that help Freight forwarders and NVOCCs across 30+ countries. The company is expanding rapidly and strengthening the suite of products and technology.

1. How is digitization changing the logistics and freight forwarding industry – what is the impact?
With the industry’s major players and carriers moving into tech space for enhancing their customer experience and rapid globalization, the necessity for adapting digital solutions has become a need more than a want for logistics companies of any sizes.

2. Tell us about key areas in the Logistics/Supply chain where Freightify helps to improve the most and why?
In a business where one needs to work with multiple vendors and small margins involved, it is extremely difficult for a forwarder to be market ready for business enquiries without dependency from the carriers and agents. Freightify’s goal is to be an enabler for freight forwarders to real time access and visibility to multimodal freight rates from every provider in one system seamlessly.

3. Are there any more exciting developments in the pipeline?
Currently, the product can integrate with 11+ global carriers and 4+ NVOCCs for real time rate access.
What is exciting in the coming year is, where a forwarder can directly book shipments directly with any carrier they want from one window.
With such instant booking and visibility options, this will be a game changer for forwarders in ensuring maximum margins and great customer experience.

4. Why did you choose WOF Events as a platform to further promote your services in the CEE region?
The event’s agenda – “Innovative supply chain expo in the CEE region”, clearly tells why it is a perfect fit for us to explore the platform. We have a strong footprint now in Central and Western Europe and vastly expanding our customer base in Eastern and Southern Europe. WOF has been one of the highly established organizations in this geography and is known to host many successful events previously for our target audience.

Freightify was established in 2016 with the vision to enable freight forwarders of any size for the digitization of global trade. We empower freight forwarders by providing white labeled rate automation solutions to digitize their rate procurement, rate management and quotation processes with ease. In addition to this, we also provide track and trace solutions that help freight forwarders in getting the live location of vessels and automated milestones within seconds. Freightify is the no.1 tool for digitizing the relationship between forwarders and carriers. Freightify is the pre-sales platform for rates, schedules, quotes, bookings and tracking. Everything you need in one system.

T: +1 8722593504
A: Langhøjvej 1, Tilst, 8381, Aarhus, Denmark