15. May 2023

OPENING for the Future – A brilliant opening show for the new headquarters and truck center


With a brilliant opening show under the motto “OPENING for the Future”, the new headquarters of Volvo Group Austria and Truck Center in Kottingbrunn in the district of Baden was inaugurated after only 14 months of construction. Two of the main protagonists: Volvo Trucks President Roger Alm and a Volvo FH Electric. On May 22, 2023, the new Truck Center in Kottingbrunn will open its doors for the first time.


Following the opening show entry with the Volvo FH Electric, visitors to the new Volvo Group Truck Center in Kottingbrunn were treated to a varied programme, which once again focused on the topic of the future. To celebrate the day and the occasion, exceptional customer vehicles, special editions and electric trucks from Volvo and Renault Trucks adorned the event terrace. Guests also had the opportunity to test electromobility themselves, in the form of a virtual reality station or directly as a passenger or driver of an electric truck. “This successful opening ceremony also made it very clear that electromobility must be experienced in order to recognize its undisputed advantages,” explains Patrick Dornig Managing Director of Volvo Group Austria.

During guided tours of the workshop and the office building, visitors were able to get a first impression of the new building. Buzzwords such as energy efficiency, low-energy construction or sustainability were at the top of the list of priorities for the new building from the very beginning. The building is heated or air-conditioned with geothermal energy. On the roof of the building, a photovoltaic system produces electricity for its own use in an environmentally friendly way. Surplus electricity is fed into the grid.

“With this new building, we are impressively demonstrating how environmentally friendly and energy-efficient a truck workshop can be operated in the 21st century,” emphasizes Pascal Job, Project Manager and Aftermarket Manager at Volvo Trucks.

Facts about the new building:

Area of the entire area: approx. 28,600 m²

Building area: approx. 4,200 m², of which 2,100 m² are workshops, 500 m² are storage and technical areas and 1,600 m² are office and social rooms

Investment volume: 14.6 million euros Construction time: 14 months


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Image: volvotrucks.at