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11. October 2023

Turkish Cargo in a “Mission Rescue” project


Turkish Airlines’ air cargo brand, Turkish Cargo, has once again become part of a heartwarming story under the “Mission Rescue” project. The carrier safely transported the endangered koala Yani from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom.

The story

Yani, born in Australia and later brought to Hong Kong, was left alone after the other koalas she lived with at the park passed away. Deprived of socialization and opportunities to continue her species due to South Australia’s biosecurity regulations, it was decided that the most suitable place for Yani to continue her life would be the Longleat Safari Park in the United Kingdom.

After obtaining all the necessary permits for Yani’s transfer, a flight plan requiring extreme sensitivity and care was developed from Hong Kong to the United Kingdom. Longleat park officials reached out to Turkish Cargo for assistance in this journey. Turkish Cargo, driven by its mission of respect for animal life and nature in all transportation activities, joined the process as the sponsor carrier.

With meticulous planning for every detail of the operation, Turkish Cargo successfully executed Yani’s transfer via an Istanbul layover, in accordance with IATA LAR (Live Animal Regulations). After arriving in the United Kingdom, Yani was placed in quarantine for a period and, following all health checks, was introduced to her new companions.

Turkish Cargo, holding the IATA CEIV Live Animals certification, accommodates entrusted live animals at the SMARTIST Live Animal Terminal, adhering to industry standards.

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