12. December 2023



MOL has signed an agreement with Indotek Group to purchase a 15% stake in Waberer’s. At the same time as the transaction, MOL and Waberer’s signed a strategic cooperation agreement to strengthen their business cooperation in the areas of complex logistics services, alternative fuels, energy efficiency developments and green energy transition. The strategic agreement between the two companies supports MOL Group’s long-term sustainability objectives. 

MOL Group signed an agreement to acquire Indotek Group’s 15% stake in Waberer’s Group, and concluded a strategic agreement with the logistics service provider at the same time as the transaction. Indotek Group will sell 15% of Waberer’s shares to MOL Asset Management Kft., a 100% subsidiary of MOL Plc., if obtaining the relevant licenses allows it.

In recent years, MOL and Waberer’s have established a close relationship in the field of complex logistics services and fuel sales. This strategic agreement will further strengthen the traditional business activities of the two companies and enable them to jointly implement mobility, sustainability and energy efficiency projects. During the cooperation, special attention will also be paid to the sale of fuels and lubricants, the development of alternative fuels, the exchange of knowledge on energy efficiency, and the establishment of special filling and service points.

We see great opportunities in strengthening the relationship between Waberer’s and MOL, and we believe that this strategic cooperation can have positive effects not only in Hungary, but also on a regional level. Both MOL and Waberer’s are committed to sustainable solutions, and the cooperation can significantly contribute to strengthening traditional business activities and regional security of supply.” – said dr. György Bacsa, Managing Director of MOL Hungary.

MOL’s goal is to successfully implement joint projects with Hungary market-leading complex logistics service providers that contribute to the implementation of the company’s SHAPE TOMORROW 2030+ strategy. The objective of the strategy is to become a key player in MOL’s low-carbon circular economy in Central and Eastern Europe and to supply the mobility sector with low-carbon fuels.

Zsolt Barna, Chairman and CEO of Waberer’s International Plc. said at the signing of the cooperation agreement that “The strategic agreement concluded with MOL Group is a confirmation of a nearly twenty-year-old partnership, which can take the relationship between the two companies to a new level by maximally committing themselves to the application of sustainability solutions. I am convinced that this cooperation can make us more successful both in Hungary and in the region.”

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Image source: waberers.com