14. March 2024

Kale Info Solutions joins AAPA to drive digital transformation in Maritime trade


Kale Info Solutions (Kale), a global provider of cloud-based community platforms for the logistics industry, has joined the American Association of Port Authorities(AAPA), marking a significant step forward for Kale in solidifying its position within the American maritime arena.


With its extensive expertise in community platforms and enterprise solutions for ports, Kale will continue empowering the Maritime community to optimise operations by streamlining workflows, addressing congestion, dwell time, and documentation challenges, and providing technology that promotes paperless trade facilitation.

“Becoming a member of the American Association of Port Authorities underscores our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to the unique needs of the port industry. By joining forces with AAPA, we aim to contribute to the advancement of port excellence and drive digital, sustainable growth across the Americas, Kale aims to leverage its expertise to support AAPA’s mission of promoting port development, environmental sustainability, and economic prosperity.” said Amar More, President, Kale.

The AAPA is a leading organisation representing the collective interests of ports throughout the Americas.

With a rich history of advocacy and collaboration, AAPA serves as a vital platform for industry stakeholders to drive innovation, share best practice, and shape policies that enhance port efficiency and competitiveness globally.

“Most major U.S. ports currently trail global counterparts in digital optimisation. However, ongoing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19, trade tensions, and geopolitical challenges are compelling U.S. ports to enhance efficiency.Embracing digital technology is imperative to navigating these complex dynamics and ensuring smoother operations in the future.” said More.

Kale offers the world’s pioneering SaaS-based Port Community System (PCS), which is fully compliant with the International Maritime Organisation’s (IMO) Maritime Single Window. This system facilitates the electronic exchange of information and documentation among Maritime and port stakeholders – which became a compulsory requirement at the start of 2024.

Moreover, Kale’s PCS has garnered recognition from the United Nations as India’s most innovative trade facilitation case study.

The I.T. provider is also hosting an invitation-only CLEAR VIEW Maritime event in June. This event will connect industry leaders to share ideas and insights, form focus groups to address industry challenges and promote the digital evolution of the Maritime industry.

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