Rail Cargo
17. April 2024

METRANS train to Ukraine


METRANS started to serve the clients with connection to Ukraine already in the year 2022, via the Slovak/Ukrainian border have been transported trains with different cargo in both directions.

Now, during the European Eastern holidays another big milestone has been taken, while METRANS and Ukrzeleznitsa made first train on the border Medyka, Poland and Ukrainian Mostyska.

This is one of the first trains, which will run on regular basis between European network and Ukrainian cities like Kiev or Odessa, where HHLA operates terminal CTO.

The project is important for the cargo going to and from Ukraine and is great example of good cooperation between Ukrzeleznitsa and METRANS. Together with Ukrainian Intermodal Company, part of HHLA group, we are happy to offer our clients reliable services, said Martin Koubek, who is responsible for the connections from METRANS network to the countries with 1520mm railtracks.

The planned connection should run on regular basis between METRANS terminal Dabrowa Gornicza in Poland and Mostyska in Ukraine for further cargo deliveries in Europe and in Ukraine.

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Image source: metrans.eu