23. May 2024

Flughafen Wien AG Reports a Positive First Quarter of 2024


Financial performance indicators in Q1/2024: Revenue up 16.6% to € 210.3 million and Group net profit for the period improvement to € 37.2 million (+48.9%), EBITDA rise of 19.0% to € 79.5 million, and EBIT increase of 33.6% to € 46.5 million

“Flughafen Wien AG is investing heavily in future growth – CAPEX of over € 200 million in 2024”
“The ongoing desire to travel, successful business location projects, a positive financial result and a high level of cost discipline contributed to a significant improvement in revenue and earnings of Flughafen Wien AG in Q1/2024. We anticipate future growth, which is why we are making massive investments to the amount of over € 200 million in 2024, a figure which will increase in the coming years. As a debt-free company, we can finance these investments e.g., the Southern Expansion terminal project, expansion of photovoltaic facilities by 13 MW and a fast electric charging station, from our own cash flow without incurring any new debt. Innovative business location projects such as Enpulsion, an Austrian company producing satellite propulsion engines, and the European Space Agency, are pointing the right way into the future,” states an optimistic Dr. Günther Ofner, joint CEO and CFO of Flughafen Wien AG.

Q1/2024: Strong revenue increase to € 210.3 million (+ 16.6%) and increase in the Group net profit to € 37.2 million
In Q1/2024, the Flughafen Wien Group generated revenue of € 210.3 million, comprising a year-on-year increase of 16.6%. EBITDA rose to € 79.5 million compared to the previous year, whereas EBIT climbed to € 46.5 million. The net profit for the period before non-controlling interests rose to € 37.2 million in Q1/2024. The cash flow from operating activities totalled € 68.2 million (Q1/2023: € 89.6 million), taking into account earlier payments made for incentives compared to the previous year.
Revenue and earnings development in the segments
Q1/2024 revenue of the Airport Segment climbed from the prior-year period to € 98.0 million, and segment EBIT improved to € 18.6 million. The Handling and Security Services Segment registered higher revenue of € 39.7 million compared to Q1/2023, whereas segment EBIT equalled minus € 0.3 million. This segment also includes the security services of VIAS as well as the handling services provided by Vienna Aircraft Handling (VAH) and Vienna Passenger Handling Services (VPHS). The Retail & Properties Segment reported a rise in revenue in Q1/2024 to € 41.4 million. EBIT of this segment climbed to € 16.2 million. Revenue of the Malta Segment was up to € 25.7 million in Q1/2024 compared to the prior-year period. Segment EBIT totalled € 10.8 million.

Traffic development April 2024

Vienna Airport (VIE)

  04/2024 Diff. % 2023   01-04/2024 Diff. % 2023
Passengers arr+dep+transit 2,610,171 +5.9   8,520,734 +9.4
Local passengers arr+dep 2,026,385 +7.0   6,749,297 +10.9
Transfer passengers arr+dep 574,986 +1.9   1,742,420 +3.7
Flight movements arr+dep 19,815 +6.2   66,109 +6.4
Cargo arr+dep (in tonnes) 23,890 +15.6   91,948 +15.6
MTOW (in tonnes) 836,651 +7.7   2,852,194 +9.7






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