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23. May 2024



Ocean Network Express (ONE) announced that together with their long-term partner Ancotrans, they will deploy state-of-the-art Volvo FH e-trucks, to serve the transportation needs of ONE’s customers, marking a significant step in reducing carbon emissions.

Since becoming ISO 14001 certified for inland operations in 2021, global shipping line, Ocean Network Express (ONE) has been offering their customers greener transport options.

One of the first deployments of FH e-trucks in the Hamburg region, the new trucks boast high-performance 540 kW batteries, with a range of 320 km and can be charged overnight at Ancotrans’ facilities using 100% renewable energy. As an example, ONE’s customer Yamaha can transport cargo from the Port of Hamburg to nearby location, Sittensen with a minimum 50% reduction in CO2 emissions – when the trucks are charged on the road, increasing to 100% when charged at Ancotrans facilities.

Takahiro Kikuchi, Managing Director and Region Head of Ocean Network Express (Europe) Ltd said, “We are dedicated to making supply chains greener for our customers. Through working together at all points of the supply chain we can collectively make a big difference in reducing carbon emissions. The use of e-trucks is just one of the many steps on ONE’s journey to achieve net zero by 2050. We thank Ancotrans and our customers for taking these steps with us.”

Arne Kraeft, Country Manager, Ancotrans Germany, says: “Embracing a more sustainable future, we sincerely thank ONE for joining us in the electrification journey. As we electrify our fleet, we are not only embracing innovation but collectively contributing to a greener future. ONE’s commitment to join us in this transition aligns with our shared vision for a more environmentally conscious transportation industry. Together, we’re on the road to reduction, creating a better future, one container at a time.”

ONE’s goal to achieve net zero by 2050 includes scope 3 emissions from external suppliers. This can only be achieved in close cooperation with all members of the supply chain. ONE looks forward to continued collaboration with their partners and customers to make journeys greener for all.

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