23. May 2024

Pairpoint by Vodafone, Sumitomo and sensos to combat supply chain fraud

Pairpoint, an innovative Economy of Things (EoT) global platform owned by Vodafone and Sumitomo Corporation, and Sensos, a leading supply chain solution company founded by Sony Semiconductors, recently announced a strategic collaboration to combat supply chain fraud which continues to rise worldwide.

The partnership brings together Sensos’ supply chain management solution with Pairpoint’s EoT platform to allow logistics companies to track their goods securely at every stage of the supply chain. Using Sensos’ cellular tracking labels and AI-powered control tower to detect supply chain anomalies alongside Pairpoint’s digital identity, trust, and transactional platform, all goods’ movements – from port departures to final deliveries – can be securely and immutably recorded. Goods are then authorised to make automated payments using blockchain technology and smart contract capabilities.

Pairpoint’s secure technology overlays Sensos’ highly reliable, real-time supply chain management solution through the Pairpoint-enabled iSIM and device agent software embedded into a smart label. Every logistic transaction is then verifiable, transparent, and resistant to tampering, effectively combatting fraud, and enhancing trust across the supply chain ecosystem.

Aviv Castro, CEO of Sensos, said: “This collaboration represents a major step towards a more resilient and trustworthy supply chain ecosystem. By integrating Pairpoint’s blockchain technology with our AI-powered control tower, we are empowering businesses with unprecedented security over their supply chains, and by proxy granting them more business agility that translates into bottom line savings.”

The benefits of this partnership extend beyond fraud prevention. The combined solution, currently being piloted in cooperation with the global logistics operator Unilog, part of the ICL Group, at several sites in US and Europe, enables automated logistic transactions, streamlines proof-of-delivery processes, facilitates seamless asset sharing through smart contracts, supports vendor-managed inventory initiatives, and optimises Industry 4.0 manufacturing audits. This holistic approach enhances security and reliability, as well as driving operational efficiency and cost savings for businesses across multiple industries.

With its unrivalled combination of AI-powered insights and blockchain-enabled security, Sensos and Pairpoint’s solution promises to enhance supply chain management. As businesses increasingly demand resilient and transparent supply chains, this collaboration encourages greater innovation and progress in the industry.


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