13. June 2024

Pharma.Aero Makes Strategic Move and Expands from Airfreight to Multimodal


Pharma.Aero makes a strategic move towards a multimodal approach in the field of supply chain logistics for the Life Sciences and MedTech industries. This landmark decision, supported by strategic members’ votes, showcases a collective vision for a more comprehensive and efficient logistics strategy within the industry. The shift signifies a notable broadening of focus, unlocking doors to heightened collaboration and innovative opportunities in the sector.

“Our decision to evolve towards a multimodal approach signifies a transformative moment in Pharma.Aero’s journey. By embracing diverse modes of transportation, we are not only adapting to the evolving landscape of healthcare logistics but also showcasing our steadfast commitment to excellence and forward-thinking solutions.” says Trevor Caswell, Chair of Pharma.Aero

Emphasizing collaboration as a core value, Pharma.Aero sets a new standard for efficient, sustainable, and customer-centric healthcare logistics solutions.

“Pharma.Aero’s synchromodal transition is a logical continuation of serving the healthcare logistics ecosystem by integrating the current airfreight industry. It will further contribute to seamless end-to-end transport mode coordination, enhancing efficiency, reliability, and sustainability. This approach is to continuously optimize life science supply chains. The goal is to improve patient outcomes by ensuring timely, and secure delivery of critical pharmaceutical products.” says Frank Van Gelder, Secretary General of Pharma.Aero

Founded in 2016, Pharma.Aero has been dedicated to promoting collaboration among pharmaceutical supply chain stakeholders globally. With over 80 members worldwide, including key players such as pharmaceutical manufacturers, airports, airlines, and other pharma-certified cargo communities and service providers, Pharma.Aero has emerged as an industry leader in driving excellence and innovation.

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