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20. June 2024



Raben Italy strengthens its sea and air freight network with new import consolidations. Raben Italy, the Italian business unit of the European logistics group Raben Group, announces a new expansion of its sea and air transport network with the inauguration of a new consolidated air import from Shanghai to Milan Malpensa and a new consolidated sea import from Shanghai and Ningbo to the port of Genoa.

For more than sixty years, Raben Italy has been a leader in the international land groupage market that continues to consolidate its position also in the maritime and air sectors, to offer all customers who need to move goods in international markets an all-round and quality service thanks to an already incredibly developed and constantly evolving transport network.

The first new development is the inauguration of a new consolidated twice-weekly import air service from Shanghai to Milan Malpensa. This new air service operates two flights per week, with a guaranteed cargo space of 1500 kg and approximately 5 cubic metres. The first flight of the week leaves Shanghai on Saturday, with transit via Singapore or Seoul, guaranteeing arrival at Milan Malpensa on Monday. The second flight, on the other hand, departs directly from China on Wednesday and arrives at Milan Malpensa on Thursday morning at dawn. The new twice-weekly route is designed to guarantee fast and reliable delivery of goods, meeting the growing needs of the Italian market for efficient and punctual air transport services.

This new route is in addition to the consolidated weekly export flight to Cairo, departing directly from Milan Malpensa on Saturdays. This connection offers Italian companies fast and reliable access to the Egyptian market, facilitating the expansion of their international business operations.

The second new feature is the new import connection by sea from Shanghai and Ningbo to the port of Genoa. Thanks to the proprietary container, trips are made once a week from Shanghai and once a week from Ningbo, with a direct service. Currently, the transit time is about 50 days, but this is expected to be reduced to about 30 days once regular traffic through the Suez Canal resumes. This new maritime consolidation offers an efficient and reliable logistics solution for imports from Asia, supporting Italian companies in managing their international supply chains.

To offer an even more enhanced and comprehensive service to its customers, Raben Italy is also developing new consolidated airline routes from Milan Malpensa to several strategic destinations, including Qatar, Bahrain, Brazil and the United States. These new developments will further strengthen Raben Italy’s ability to provide comprehensive logistics solutions tailored to the needs of its customers.

The new routes inaugurated by Raben Italy not only represent an improvement in terms of transport capacity and speed, but also offer a significant competitive advantage to Italian companies. The ability to efficiently handle imports from China and the Middle East, combined with access to an integrated digital platform for order tracking and management, enables companies to optimise their logistics operations, reduce costs and improve customer service.

Tommaso Franchi, Sea&Air Manager Raben Italy said: “Raben is not only among the European leaders in land transport, it is also sea & air transport, we would like to emphasise. Our continuous expansion and investments in sea and air transport are a testament to our commitment to provide complete logistical solutions to our customers. With the new consolidated imports, the first small step of other ongoing projects, we are excited to be able to support our customers with an even faster and more efficient service, supported by our ever-growing team of professionals, all this to offer a 360° service and assistance on every type of request”

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