11. July 2024

HMM eBL available on CargoX Platform


These days mark a great day for those of you who are shipping cargo with HMM, Korea’s largest and the world’s eight-largest ocean carrier! You can now start issuing electronic bills of lading. This is your chance to go paperless, modernise your global trade document workflows, and reduce the burden of harvesting trees, printing documents, and sending paper around the world!

The new fabulous feature is fully accessible for all HMM customers – read this simple quick-start guide to get started right away. Or, you can also book a demo to see how it really works.

The transfer of the HMM eBL on the CargoX Platform will save you up to 90% of the paper eBL transfer cost! (Volume savings apply.) Register today to receive two FREE eBL transfers worldwide!

Learn more about HMM eBL!

No more waiting for the document to arrive to your recipient – it now arrives instantly.

No more courier costs – instant OPEX savings.

No more document loss or tampering – it is extremely secure.

How it works

The eBL document lifecycle includes features such as issue/request, request amendment, transfer, endorse, request switch to paper, surrender, and document acceptance, ensuring comprehensive support for all paper-equivalent functions. Each eBL is extremely secure and comes with audit logs that are accessible at all times. Should you need it, you can always switch your electronic B/L to a paper B/L.

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