“Navigating the Regulatory Maze: Logistics Compliance in a Changing World”



Matthias Payer

Project Manager

Olivier Scherlofsky

OS, Partner

Jonas Artmeyer

VP Advisory

Martin Polakovič

Head of Global Logistics Procurement

Walter Holzhammer

Representative for Austria and Hungary

Panel Introduction

Join us for an in-depth discussion panel where industry leaders, consultants, and experts untangle the intricate web of logistics compliance in the ever-changing global supply chains. During this session, we will dive deep into critical questions such as: How are emerging regulations impacting cross-border logistics? What strategies can businesses adopt to remain compliant amidst the more and more complex diligence and reporting duties? How does technology play a role in aiding (or complicating) regulatory adherence? Are there best practices that companies can adopt to navigate the ever-evolving regulatory maze effectively? Whether you're a logistics professional, company owner, or director, this panel promises illuminating insights that will equip you with an overview of the challenges and threats in this given context.