“Risk Mitigation in Freight Forwarding through Multimodal Strategies”



György Firbás
Pannonia Institute

Daniel Prutti

VP Head of Global Logistics

Igor Sekardi

Deputy Director for International Affairs & Markets

Walter Holzhammer

Representative for Austria and Hungary

Roman Dittrich

Group Supply Chain Director

Panel Introduction

In the realm of freight forwarding, unforeseen challenges demand proactive solutions. Join our conference panel as we explore how embracing multimodal strategies becomes a strategic shield, effectively mitigating disruptions associated with single-mode vulnerabilities. From weather-related obstacles to geopolitical events, we'll delve into the adaptability, resilience, and strategic cost benefits that make multimodal approaches indispensable for operational continuity. Don't miss the discussion on building client confidence and fostering long-term partnerships through these proactive risk-mitigating strategies.