“How to Live Sustainability in E-Commerce”



Robert Sobčák
Supply Chain Institut

Zora Kosorinská
Site manager

Martin Mrva
Director of Product

Tomáš Hofer
Logistics Director

Florian Hanglberger
Head of E-Commerce and Logistics

Harald Jony

Panel Introduction

E-commerce has seen a long decade of growth, gaining from an unparalleled economic boom, change in consumer habits towards home delivery, and technological advancement enabling comfortable online shopping simultaneously. The period ended with an unprecedented global pandemic, with e-commerce as the only way to serve customers at a particular time. The main focus was managing the growth in this booming e-commerce period. Now we see that this period is over and the overall situation has changed recently. E-commerce business got under pressure, and it is time to reflect and rethink strategies, processes, tools, and technologies to stay competitive in a challenging market environment. Where is the place for sustainability here? Do the companies still have enough power to focus on their long-term sustainability goals and how to manage them? In our panel, we want to show the industry's best practice cases and prove that sustainability pays off in boom periods and times of uncertainty.