“AI in Logistics HR - The Balance Between Automation and Human Touch”



Stefano de Rubertis

Managing Director

Zsolt István

Head of Innovation Management

Katalin Tóth


Thomas Kauffmann

Transportation & Logistics Director

Panel Introduction

In the age of rapid technological advancements, where the lines between artificial intelligence (AI) and human capabilities are becoming increasingly blurred, how do logistics companies strike the perfect balance? Welcome to a compelling discussion panel that delves deep into the interplay between AI-driven automation and the irreplaceable human touch in Logistics HR. Join us as we navigate this dynamic landscape and address pressing questions such as: How is AI reshaping the recruitment, training, and management processes in logistics? What are the potential pitfalls of over-relying on AI for HR functions? How can companies ensure that the human touch remains central, even as processes become more automated? In what ways can AI be harnessed to enhance, rather than replace, human roles in Logistics HR? What strategies can logistics firms employ to create a harmonious blend of technology and human intuition?