“The Digital Revolution in European Trucking”



Ramon Ritter
Ernst & Young
Manager | Technology Consulting

Bernhard Hauser

Matthias Leibetseder
LKW Walter
Innovation Manager

Bernhard Schmaldienst
Director Operations - Freight Procurement & Audit

Attila Kiss
Qamcom Research and Technology Central Europe
Scientific Advisor

Boris Vavra
Director Sales

Panel Introduction

The digital revolution in European trucking, driven by the uprising of breakthrough technologies, has been delivering solutions that shift businesses to a new level. Our panelists will put a spotlight on some of the most discussed innovations and enlighten us with their insights.

  • What are the newest solutions for tracking and monitoring the location, speed, and fuel consumption of trucks?
  • Will autonomous truck technology increase safety and efficiency on the roads?
  • How to use Blockchain to improve supply chain visibility, reduce fraud and increase security in the trucking industry?
  • What are the newest AI applications providing optimization and improving the safety of the fleet and drivers?
  • Why can real-time communication between trucks and other connected devices on the road be now faster?