Our goal is to become the largest and most innovative platform in the supply chain world in the CEE.

WOF SUMMIT is a two-day international B2B event that seeks to bring fresh soil for new business opportunities within the whole “New Europe” region.

Focusing on the four main pillars of the conference - Digitalization, E-commerce, Human Resources and Sustainability - we aim to provide a perfect source to learn about the latest updates and discover where future opportunities for collaboration lie from Government, Universities, Industry, and Business Leaders.

We strive to address 360-degree aspects of the supply chain, including transportation, the latest available solutions and perspectives on future technologies, enlightening their potential to streamline processes, increase efficiency and control costs.

We strive to connect shippers, retailers, wholesalers, importers and exporters from vital industries such as mobility, healthcare, aerospace, agriculture, construction, energy and others, with the most up-to-date supply chain solution providers and last but not least provide the most visible display for our partners in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.


Digitization of logistics and supply chain is inevitable to unleash the full potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It helps in reducing the complexity of logistics and makes intermodal supply chains more transparent and systemized.


Delivery using robots and drones, same-day delivery or intelligent technology and sensors are no longer a future, yet part of our everyday life. All this convenience however comes at a price - how to curb cybercrime and prevent cyber-attacks and fraud are on the table every day.


The transition to a clean and climate-neutral economy is indeed long-awaited. We are ready to start openly addressing climate risks and to tackle the big challenges that lie behind the search for a balance between financial growth and environmental care.

Human Resources

The right employees are one of the most significant assets of a company’s road to success. Inevitable shifts in the world of Human Resources bring both challenges and opportunities. Let´s discover the essentials of keeping your company up to date in trying to manage the HR sector more efficiently and bring new talents on board.