“The Future is Intermodal: Smart Solutions for Seamless Freight Transition”



Robert Sobčák


Vanessa Langhammer

Head of Digitalization (CDO/CIO) & Produktmanagement für digitale Bahnlogistik

Miroslav Haltuf


Davor Sertic

Chairman of the Transport and Traffic Division

Panel Introduction

In this engaging discussion, we delve into the intricacies of combined transport services and explore innovative solutions for a smooth freight transition. Our primary focus revolves around the evolving landscape of intermodal freight, emphasizing intelligent strategies to enhance customer satisfaction. For those accustomed to exclusive road transport, our panel will scrutinize the quality of combined transport services, addressing crucial factors such as comfort, Service Level Agreements (SLA), and overall customer experience. Join us as we navigate the complexities of this transition, sharing insights, best practices, and practical approaches to elevate the standards of intermodal freight. Together, we aim to unlock a future where smart solutions seamlessly integrate into the freight industry, offering enhanced services and satisfaction for all stakeholders involved.