31. May 2021

Interview with Tomáš Hofer

Mr. Tomáš Hofer is in charge of logistics at Notino since 2016 where he is responsible for strategy, business development, transport, distribution centers, and auxiliary warehouses. He was present when Notino entered nine new markets in 2017 (making the total number of markets 24). He has been preparing the processes for the annual double-digit increase in sales volumes ever since. He also participates in the creation of a delivery methods strategy in each country. He implements various packaging methods with added value like a gift and ecological wrapping or engravings. 

1. Technology development, innovation and digitization play essential role in a successful expansion of e-shops not only on a regional, but international level. What solutions have you implemented in order to optimise your processes?    
We decided to go our own way and develop most of our IT solutions ourselves. An example is our own WMS (Warehouse Management System) or inventory optimization system. On the other hand, we also utilize the services of third parties as well. For marketing, we use Exponea and Daktela for our customer care service. 
2. E-commerce sector is at an all-time high, as lockdowns and travel bans forced the consumer to shop online. How do you choose your strategic partners when it comes to the infrastructure, in order to provide the best possible customer experience and efficient last mile deliveries?  
We have a long-term strategy related to last mile delivery. The measures associated with COVID-19 only confirmed how important is to have more carriers and more delivery options. 
3. What is your strategy to make orders more accessible for customers? Do you consider logistics to be significant in this regard? 
Yes, logistics has an important role when it comes to accessibility for our customers. That is why we invest considerable resources into it every year. Our long-term goal is to shorten the time for order preparation and reduce the delivery time. 
4. The issue of sustainability is growing in intensity. How does Notino participate in green approach? Are you considering any alternative ways when it comes to last mile deliveries?   
We are enhancing the approach to packaging this year. We are launching pilot project “Do not wrap”. We are currently protecting all products from damage during transport in the same way and it makes no difference if it is an expensive perfume or a toothpaste. And that is something we want to change. We want to reduce the use of plastics during the packaging by installing the first automated packaging line. 
5. What is your opinion about positioning WOF EXPO in Central and Eastern Europe region?  
I most certainly support events of this kind. It is very important for people to meet and share their knowledge and experience. E-commerce is a relatively young field and thus the need for such sharing is double as important. 

Notino is one of the largest beauty retailers in Europe. Established in the Czech Republic and headquartered in the dynamic city of Brno, Notino is growing fast. The company currently has online stores in 24 European countries and during the peak season sends up to 140 000 packages a day. Notino has been making high quality beauty accessible to people all around Europe by merging everyday technology with great-value beauty products and expertize since its launch in 2004. Notino offers well established, popular brands from all around the world and is authorized partner to the world‘s biggest beauty houses, for example L’Oréal, Estée Lauder Companies, Coty or Puig.