Shipping lines
1. July 2022

New Intermodal Connection with the Port of Wilhelmshaven – “JadeWeserPort”

A new intermodal connection between the port of Wilhelmshaven in Northern Germany and the METRANS terminal in Prague will commence on 3 July. The operator, METRANS, aims to tackle the disruptions caused by congestion in other ports like Hamburg and Bremerhaven.

The METRANS Group responds to the ever-increasing demand for intermodal services. In this regard, the Port of Wilhelmshaven has been used more and more frequently, either for regular shipping routes or as an alternative destination.

The growing interest in transportation to/from the Port of Wilhelmshaven allowed to launch a new regular and direct intermodal service.

The new intermodal service will offer two weekly roundtrips, while METRANS underlined that the Prague terminal will function as a gateway linking the Wilhelmshaven route to other parts of its network, including the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and Austria.

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