WOF Charity
1. September 2022

Interview with MD. Michaela Fridrichová

MD Michaela Fridrichová is an experienced oncologist, she has worked for many years at the Institute of Radiation Oncology at the Bulovka University Hospital. Since 2010, she has been the chairwoman of the Prague Cancer League.

1. Can you tell me more about the work your organization does and what are the main drivers behind the establishment?
League Against Cancer Prague was established in 1990 to reduce cancer mortality in the Czech Republic.
Three main long-term programs have been created for this goal:
Cancer prevention, improvement of the quality of life of oncological patients and support of oncological research and equipment of oncological departments.
Our activity is very colorful.
Within the prevention program, we currently publish 48 titles of brochures on cancer prevention and on various types of tumors. All publications are awarded to individuals and to medical facilities free of charge.
We organize and financially contribute to convalescent stays for oncological patients, we provide Cancer Help Line, we financially support patient organizations all over the Czech Republic, we organize a Traveling Exhibition on cancer prevention, we hold an annual professional Symposium on World Cancer Day, we support educational and teaching programs, we contribute to oncological research projects and investment modernization of oncological departments through grants, we support hospice care, etc.
2. What are your goals and priorities for the next three to five years?

Our goals and priorities are still the same. We want to continue educating the general public on cancer prevention and a healthy lifestyle and we want to support cancer patients as much as possible. As far as we can we want to support oncological research as well.

3. Please, tell us who are your main long term supporters and partners?

The activities and programs of the League are financed from three main sources – the public collection of Czech Day Against Cancer, membership fees, and donations from sponsors and donors (regular contributors and one-time donors as well).
Cooperation with companies that provide non-financial support, such as Česká pošta, a.s. and DPD, also means a lot of help to us.
4. Since the Covid-19 outbreak, how do you think the fundraising sector has changed?
The beginning of the covid period was, of course, great stress and uncertainty for us, as it is for everyone. Fortunately, it turned out that the League against Cancer has a tradition and is well-known in the minds of citizens. In the beginning, donors were understandably cautious, but over time, the situation with sponsors and donors is almost the same for us as it was before 2020.

5. At WOF we aim to create a platform where business meets charity and so to create a positive difference in the world. What is your opinion on bridging the business events and charities?

Connecting business and charity events is certainly beneficial. It’s not just about getting potential sponsors or financial resources. In our case, the possible use of the event to spread information about the importance of prevention is also important

6. How easy is to bring on the board – business companies or individual charity donors?

We do not have donors on our Board. Besides one lawyer and an advisor to business companies, on the League’s Board work mainly doctors. Part of their activity is the representation of the League at various educational events that we organize, as well as the representation of the League at the events of professional societies.
We are open to working with other individuals.

League against Cancer- Prague LAC was founded in 1990. It is an independent legal entity and a voluntary organization with a humanitarian mission. it includes both health care professionals and lay members. LAC is dedicated to improving cancer prevention, providing supportive care for cancer patients, promoting oncological research and related cancer/oncological fields. The League provides competent information to the public concerning risk factors contributing to the development of cancer. LAC organizes pertinent lectures and forums to better inform the public about cancer policy and prevention. LAC became a full member with the UICC in 1996