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11. October 2023



The Waberer’s Group has decided to acquire a majority 55% stake in the Serbian distribution market’s key player, MD International. MDI’s primary activities include distribution, carriage of goods by road and warehousing, making it a suitable addition to the portfolio of the Hungarian logistics giant. At the same time, it effectively supports Waberer’s strategic goal of becoming the leading complex logistics service provider in the region.

The Waberer’s Group is purchasing a majority 55% ownership stake in MD International (MDI), a key player in the Serbian FMCG distribution market, and simultaneously obtains an option to acquire the remaining 45% stake. MDI’s core activities include domestic distribution, carriage of goods by road and warehousing. The Serbian company reported a revenue of 50.3 million euros in 2022, with an EBIT of 2.1 million euros and a net profit of 1.7 million euros. The transaction, in line with the goals set during the bond issuance, will be financed by Waberer’s from the bonds issued in 2022. The purchase price is treated as a business secret by the parties involved. Under the terms of the transaction agreement, the owners of Waberer’s and MDI have agreed to collaborate on further developments and investments, with a significant focus on the planned joint warehouse expansion. This expansion could serve as the foundation for future growth and even more efficient logistics operations.

Zsolt Barna, Chairman-CEO of Waberer’s International Nyrt., stated regarding the acquisition that obtaining a majority ownership stake in MDI is the first significant step along the path where Waberer’s aims to become the leading comprehensive logistics service provider in the region. Waberer’s has achieved significant success in Hungary in the field of comprehensive logistics services, which it intends to expand regionally through acquisitions in the future.

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