7. November 2023

DPD CZ launches myDPD – new portal for consignees


DPD CZ, part of Europe’s largest parcel delivery network Geopost, brings the new myDPD portal to end recipients. The original local portal called DPD Kurýr is ending. myDPD offers a more user-friendly environment and a lot of options for customizing the delivery – for example, live tracking or redirecting the shipment. It also brings a new, clearer map of self-service lockers and Pickup points, which can be saved as favorites in the customer account after registration. Newly, by adding several e-mail addresses, you can also create a “family profile”, which combines several accounts in one.

DPD CZ thus joins many other countries within the Geopost network, where the myDPD portal already works successfully with several million registered users and thus simplifies international delivery for customers.

One of the advantages is the much faster and easier possibility to change the time and place of delivery of the parcel, which customers are using more and more. Most recipients of parcels prefer to redirect the parcel to one of the many self-service lockers or Pickup points. A timely change then saves 5% of CO2 emissions per 1 parcel. Many customers also choose so-called out-of-home delivery directly. Its popularity in the Czech Republic is still growing, last year, according to DPD E-shopper Barometer research, 49% of Czech e-shoppers used Pickup points and 26% of lockers

Access is gained by the recipient of the parcel through an incoming sms or e-mail notification if the parcel is expected. By registering directly via the website, he will get several other benefits, such as a complete history of shipments, combining several accounts under one (e.g., family) or saving a favorite Pickup point/locker.

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