20. November 2023

At MALFINI, robots from Element Logic pick up goods


A unique robotic storage system of AutoStore technology with an investment of a quarter of a billion crowns has been launched in its logistics centre in Ostrava by MALFINI, which serves customers in more than 35 European countries from the north of Moravia. The supplier of the automated solution is the Czech branch of the Norwegian company Element Logic.

“Approximately 170 pieces of textiles pass through our warehouse every day, and the provision of the necessary capacity for picking, especially during peak hours, was the main reason for the implementation of AutoStore,” says Radek Veselý, Chairman of the Board of Directors of MALFINI. The goal of robotization is to pick faster, make employees’ work more efficient and at the same time reduce the physical demands of work.

Thanks to the high storage density in AutoStore, it will be possible to store up to a fifth more textiles in the new zone than in the original shelf arrangement. The best-selling pieces will automatically be in the best accessible places, so the goods will be picked faster after the order is placed. The new technology covers an area of 2,650 m2 and includes 96,400 plastic bins, a 16-layer grid with 107 rows in length and 69 in width, and is operated by 65 robots. Output and input ports are also included. On an area of 640 m2 there are also conveyors, including formatting machines for cartons.

The supplier and integrator of the AutoStore warehouse system is Element Logic Czech Republic, which has also installed other technologies such as conveyors or automatic folding and closing of cardboard boxes, which will speed up the work even more.

“The implementation of the automated system on an area of 2,650 m2 in the logistics complex in Ostrava Kunčičky took approximately 29 weeks. Before that, it was necessary to remove and dismantle part of the original rack warehouse and move some workplaces and technologies. Due to the growing demand and the need to better cover individual peaks during the year, automation was a great solution for MALFINI, thanks to which they will be able to maintain their current market position and continue to grow,” says Jindřich Kadeřávek, CEO of Element Logic Czech Republic.

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