5. December 2023

Yusen Logistics (Czech) is expanding its certified network in the pharmaceutical industry to include the Czech and Slovak Republics


Japanese logistics provider Yusen Logistics is expanding its global certified network of branches complying with strict Good Distribution Practices (GDP) requirements to include branches in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Yusen Logistics (Czech) has successfully passed through the Internal GDP compliance audit and processes across air, sea land transportation departments processes were set up.

The pharmaceutical supply chain management is highly complex and demanding process where the main goal is to ensure a patient health. Therefore, it must adhere to very high standards of quality including protection of goods from contamination, compliance with specified temperature regimes (with emphasis, for example, on the traceability of individual batches), identification of counterfeits, determination of responsible persons within the company, and, of course, ongoing assessment and management of risks associated with transportation and logistics.

The “Certification” process commenced in March of this year and concluded in October. It encompassed the comprehensive establishment of rules, procedures, and standards applied to the operations of the logistics company and the management of service providers. The process of implementation and compliance with regulations involved not only internal settings of mandatory attributes for operations but also gaining insights into the operations of our suppliers. They allowed us to conduct inspections in their facilities to ensure compliance with the rules for handling pharmaceutical shipments.

The entire audit was conducted by Astrid Thorissen, Global Quality Manager of Healthcare Industry Vertical, and Carmen Zou, EU Healthcare Quality Manager.

„By gaining this certification, we have created the conditions for the company’s growth within the pharmaceutical industry, which is one of Yusen Logistics’ key global industrial sectors. With this, we have joined the ranks of previously certified operations in Poland and Hungary, ensuring the expansion of our network into the CEE subregion. This enables us to provide destination agent services in accordance with Good Distribution Practice,” adds František Klivan, Head of Sales & Marketing at Yusen Logistics (Czech) s.r.o.

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