19. December 2023

Amazon has grown its use of rail and sea transportation in Europe by 50% in 2023


Amazon is forging strategic partnerships with European carriers to revolutionize product transportation. Leveraging over 100 rail lanes and 300 sea routes, Amazon is streamlining customer deliveries and inventory transfers, contributing to an impressive 50% reduction in carbon emissions.

Recognizing the efficiency of rail and sea routes in Europe’s distinctive landscape, Amazon has significantly expanded its reliance on these modes of transport. In 2023 alone, the usage of rail and sea transportation experienced a remarkable 50% growth, establishing a network encompassing 100 rail lanes and 300 sea routes.

A noteworthy aspect is the support for independent sellers, constituting 60% of Amazon’s total paid units sold. Catering to numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), Amazon’s commitment is evident in its analysis of popularly ordered items. This enables strategic placement closer to customers, ensuring a diverse product selection and swift, reliable delivery.

Investments in sea transportation underline Amazon’s dedication to supporting businesses like Mameido, Amarcords, and Gamble & Gunn. Collaborations with key partners such as Cargo Beamer, VIIa, the Mercitalia Group, Grimaldi, Stena Line, DFDS, and others form the backbone of Amazon’s robust rail and sea networks.

The logistics journey involves loading products at an Amazon fulfilment centre, transporting them to a sea port or rail terminal, and finally reaching local destinations through road transport. The integration of sea and rail with road transport is meticulously planned, optimizing routes to reduce driving times and engage local road transport partners.

Crucially, Amazon’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its choice of sea and rail transport over road transport. This conscientious approach leads to an impressive nearly 50% reduction in carbon emissions, contributing to Amazon’s ongoing efforts to make its logistics operations more eco-friendly.

In 2023, Amazon’s dedication to sustainability will once again be demonstrated through the transfer of thousands of truckloads via sea and rail in Europe, resulting in substantial CO₂ emissions savings. This initiative underscores Amazon’s commitment to shaping a more sustainable and efficient future for logistics in the region.

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