19. December 2023

JYSK recently improved its logistics to create a modern connection


The experts from Körber’s Business Area Supply Chain have set up a fully automated logistics center for the home furnishings retailer JYSK. The new infrastructure in Ecser, near Budapest, Hungary, have enabled JYSK to offer even better customer service to its customers in Hungary, Slovakia, and the Western Balkans.

Demand for bedding, furniture, and fixtures from the Danish retail chain JYSK is growing rapidly in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Serbia and other countries in southeast Europe. In order to be able to serve these markets better, the group, which is known in Germany and Austria under the name Dänisches Bettenlager, will open a new logistics center close to the Hungarian capital Budapest in 2023. As the general contractor for the logistics, Körber is responsible not only for the state-of-the-art supply chain software but also for the complete automation technology and the system integration in the fully automated warehouse and order processing center. The end-to-end solutions from Körber support JYSK as it grows in the booming regions of southeast Europe.

An increasingly complex supply chain

A larger product range, e-commerce as an additional and highly dynamic sales channel, and rising customer expectations regarding service and quality — all these factors are increasing the complexity of JYSK’s supply chain. The solutions from Körber guarantee the smooth running of conventional processes in this field. At the same time, they’re flexibly designed from the ground up to enable seamless expansion into the area of e-commerce.

JYSK’s new highly automated logistics center consists of two 43-meter-high warehouses with high-bay racking capacity for a total of 210,000 pallets. In addition, the two high-bay warehouses together can put into and take out of storage around 400 pallets per hour. Thirty-six automatic rail guided vehicles run between the warehouses on floor track systems. Körber took over the integration of the supply chain software for the entire facility based on SAP and installed all of the automation and materials handling solutions.

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