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13. February 2024

LKW WALTER and CFL multimodal launch new connection between Scandinavia and France


LKW WALTER and CFL multimodal are happy to announce the launch of a new intermodal connection between the Intermodal Terminal Bettembourg-Dudelange and the Port of Lübeck.

This long-term partnership stands as a recommitment to the strong ties between LKW WALTER and CFL multimodal who have worked together successfully on various connections over the past decade. Running at three weekly rotations, this new route will enable further multimodal transports on the North-South axis. From Lübeck, there are excellent Ro/Ro-connections available connecting the continent with Sweden and Finland. At the same time, the multimodal hub in Bettembourg-Dudelange is ideally situated for promoting fast local transports that support the economy and industrial activities at a national and regional level, as well as offering access to other European main ports and European economic centers, such as the strong transports knots in France and Spain like Lyon and Le Boulou.

The 40-trailer strong train will benefit from an exclusive cross-border traction service managed by CFL cargo, the international railway undertaking and sister company to CFL multimodal.

“We appreciate the strong partner we have in LKW WALTER: Together we have been able to adapt to changing market needs over the past decade. We have embraced change as the driving force for an efficient, multimodal approach, reducing our combined carbon footprint. We are proud that this transport will enable a reduction of 11,700 tons of carbon emissions per year.”, says Sven Löffler, Chief Commercial Officer at CFL multimodal.

“This new route represents an important step in expanding our combined transport network”, emphasizes Günther Wiesinger, Senior Management Director at LKW WALTER, “This route efficiently connects Scandinavia and France but also extends our combined transport services to Spain via the train Bettembourg – Le Boulou. 2024 is our 100th anniversary as LKW WALTER. For us, this is an opportunity not only to look back, but also to intensify our actions for CO2-reduced transport. In close collaboration with our partners and customers, we will shape the future of efficient and sustainable transport.”

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Image source: cfl-mm.lu