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14. March 2024

EU Import Control System 2 – Release 3 goes live this June


Economic operators involved in sea, inland waterways, road, and rail transport are gearing up for a significant transition with the introduction of Import Control System 2 (ICS2) Release 3. This update mandates the submission of a complete Entry Summary Declaration (ENS) dataset, bringing about crucial changes in data filing obligations and procedures.

Under these new regulations, all economic operators, including postal and express carriers, logistic providers, and even final consignees in the EU, are obligated to submit a complete ENS dataset to ICS2. This requirement spans across various modes of transport, ensuring comprehensive oversight of goods entering the EU.


Deployment window by transport mode

Some economic operators may not be ready to start the ENS filing with ICS2 Release 3 on their respective go-live date.

How to Prepare?

To comply with the new regulations, economic operators must update their IT systems, conduct mandatory self-conformance testing, and ensure staff are adequately trained. They should also familiarize themselves with the specific data requirements outlined in the legislation. Download the technical datasheet.

As declarants, economic operators bear legal responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of ENS data. This includes providing correct HS commodity codes, EORI numbers of EU-based consignees, and detailed descriptions of goods. Failure to comply may result in delays, risk mitigating referrals, or administrative sanctions.

In conclusion, the transition to ICS2 Release 3 marks a significant milestone for economic operators in transport. By adhering to the new requirements and deadlines, they can streamline their operations and ensure compliance with EU customs regulations.

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