14. March 2024

Lidl expands its Tailwind brand into overland logistics


Austria’s business landscape welcomes a new player poised to redefine supply chain dynamics. Tailwind Intermodal, headquartered in Graz, has emerged with a strategic focus on orchestrating and streamlining hinterland transports for goods arriving via Tailwind Shipping Lines at the port of Koper, Slovenia.

For Tailwind, Koper represents more than just a port—it’s a strategic gateway. Their vessels, operating under the Panda Express Service, ferry goods from China to Koper, marking the inception of a journey that Tailwind Intermodal diligently oversees. With a meticulous eye on efficiency, Tailwind Intermodal ensures the onward transportation of goods to the hinterland and manages the return of empty containers to Koper for reloading onto outbound vessels bound for China.

The modus operandi of Tailwind Intermodal revolves around collaboration. Leveraging a network of trusted partners, the company facilitates seamless transportation with up to five daily train connections to the Cargo Center Graz in Styria, Austria. Here, in a warehouse strategically positioned at the terminal, goods are palletized, adding a layer of efficiency to the supply chain.

The geographical advantage of the Cargo Center Graz, nestled between the Adriatic and the Baltic States, accentuates its significance. Teamed with Koper, it forms an invaluable nexus facilitating swift transit to and from Eastern Europe via a European seaport.

Tailwind Intermodal doesn’t just stop at transportation; it aspires to fortify the entire supply chain. By amalgamating sea freight and onshore carriage, the company positions itself as a neutral service provider, dedicated to enhancing supply chain resilience. From orchestrating sea transport to reloading freight trains, palletizing, and final-mile delivery, Tailwind Intermodal shoulders the responsibility of ensuring a seamless journey for goods from origin to destination.

The debut of Tailwind Intermodal signals a paradigm shift in supply chain management. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency, resilience, and collaboration, the company stands as a beacon of innovation in Austria’s business landscape, poised to revolutionize the connectivity between China and Europe.

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