4. April 2024

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Elevates Actros L to New Heights

The new Actros L boasts a futuristic vehicle design, optimized aerodynamics, and advanced safety features, making it a standout choice for fleet operators and professional drivers alike. With its efficient engines, high levels of driving dynamics, and the latest assistance systems, the Actros L continues the proud tradition of excellence established by its predecessors.


Since its launch in June 2021, the Actros L has defined the premium segment of heavy diesel-powered trucks from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Now, the company is thrilled to announce the next evolution of its successful flagship model.

Rainer Müller-Finkeldei, Head of Development at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, commented, “We aim to provide our customers with the best vehicle solutions for all drive technologies. The Actros L represents the pinnacle of traditional diesel-powered trucks, optimized for efficiency, performance, and driver comfort.”

Key Highlights of the New Actros L Include:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: The new Actros L features a completely redesigned exterior, resulting in fuel savings of up to three percent. The third-generation OM 471 diesel engine further increases efficiency, offering maximum fuel savings of up to four percent over previous models.
  • Ultimate Comfort: Inside the ProCabin, drivers will enjoy luxurious amenities such as premium seating, ambient lighting, and advanced entertainment options. The Actros L sets a new standard for comfort in the heavy trucking industry.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology: Equipped with advanced safety features like Active Brake Assist 6 and Active Sideguard Assist 2, the Actros L prioritizes the safety of all road users. These systems exceed industry standards and provide drivers with peace of mind on the road.
  • Smart Solutions: Digital services such as TruckLive and Premium Fleetboard telematics simplify fleet management, while Mercedes-Benz Trucks Uptime ensures maximum vehicle availability. With these innovative solutions, fleet operators can optimize their operations and reduce downtime.
  • Future-Ready Design: With its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, the Actros L is poised to lead the way in conventionally powered trucks for years to come. Mercedes-Benz Trucks remains committed to delivering the best-in-class vehicles that meet the evolving needs of its customers.

The new Actros L with ProCabin is available for order starting April 2024 and will go into production in December 2024.

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