18. April 2024

Eurotranspharma’s transport network ready for the German market


 Eurotranspharma, the European specialist for last-mile transport in the healthcare sector, is expanding its transport network: the Walden Group company has put its transport network for Germany, which was announced in September 2023, into operation. With a central hub in Malsfeld and 14 regional depots, the entire country is covered.

With its new transport network, Eurotranspharma can supply around 18,000 pharmacies, hospitals, doctors and wholesalers in Germany with medical and pharmaceutical goods.

”We are able to deliver all ordered goods the next day,” promises Steffen Segelke, Managing Director at Eurotranspharma Germany. “To this end, we are continuously expanding our GDP-compliant fleet and further developing our depot network. Our goal is to deliver more than 20,000 parcels per day by the end of the year.”

Since the end of February, Eurotranspharma has put more than 60 trucks and vans on German roads. By mid-year, this figure is expected to rise to 370 vehicles. Eurotranspharma plans to expand its crossdock network to a total of 26 locations with additional depots. The company carries 82.000 parcels and 3500 pallets each day throughout the whole of Europe with guaranteed dual refrigeration (in the temperature ranges +2°C to +8°C and +15°C to +25°C). Since mid-February, the healthcare carrier has been transporting over 1 000 shipments across the country every day.

Temperature-controlled transport to the last mile

Eurotranspharma benefits from the expertise of the Walden Group, a renowned family business that has been also active in the British, French, Spanish, Belgian, Dutch and other markets for several years. With the expansion of its European network, Eurotranspharma also offers its customers in this country temperature-controlled transport of healthcare and pharmaceutical products right up to the last mile. Together with its partners Med-X-Press, Engemann u. Co. Pharmalogistik GmbH, Unitax Pharmalogistik and Hartmann AG, the subsidiary Eurotranspharma Deutschland has built up the new network in a short space of time.

“With our new network, we are improving healthcare and pharmaceutical transport between Germany and the rest of Europe, both for fine distribution and for import and export,” says Segelke. “This will significantly increase the quality of logistics services in this country. With our pan-European approach and corresponding service level agreements, we are soon connecting 26 European countries.”

High quality standards

The GDP-compliant transport network (Good Distribution Practice) guarantees the smooth distribution of healthcare products throughout Germany. In order to be able to offer the highest quality, Eurotranspharma Deutschland relies on comprehensive training and continuous education for its employees: all are trained in accordance with GDP and are familiar with the processes that apply to healthcare products, including the requirements for maintaining the cold chain. The two relevant temperature ranges  are continuously monitored using a modern transport management system and tracking solutions that are specially tailored to GDP transports.

“Thanks to our two-chamber vehicle fleet, we are able to transport and deliver goods simultaneously in the temperature ranges required by our customers of +2°C to +8°C and +15°C to +25°C,” says Andrea Blum, Quality Director at Eurotranspharma Germany. “Real-time monitoring enables both geolocalisation and constant temperature monitoring of the vehicles over the entire transport route. This allows our customers to benefit from a reliable solution and save resources, time and money.”

International connections

Eurotranspharma Germany announces its strategic expansion in transport connectivity, further cementing its position as a leading healthcare logistics provider. With an established daily connection to Benelux and France, the company is set to broaden its network by the end of Q2 to include Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic. This extension will enable German shippers to seamlessly reach their customers across these additional countries within a Day+1 or Day+2 timeframe. This development is a testament to Eurotranspharma Germany’s commitment to providing efficient, reliable, and swift logistics solutions, ensuring that healthcare products are delivered with the utmost care and precision across Europe.

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